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Check out our huge range which includes, marquees, silk linings for marquees, tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery and linen etc.

We have great products and great prices. Areas we deliver to are Picton, Bargo, Mittagong, Bowral plus all areas of the Southern Highlands and Sydney. We also deliver to Campbelltown, Narellan and all areas of Macarthur.

We provide great service and competative prices..

Marquees, Silk Linings and White Marquees

The information below will enable you to choose the marquee your require. However, our sales staff are available to help you choose your MARQUEE CAPACITY : To install a lawn Marquee you required 1 meter either side of the Marquee for pegging eg a Marquee size of 6.1 x 6.1 will require an area of 8m x 8m. No trees, gardens or clothes lines can be in this area.

The chart below is a guide only. It does not include room for such things as bars. buffet, dance floors, bridal tables, etc. To cope with these extras select a larger marquee.


Marquee Size Number of People

Cost - White Marquee add 15%



Approx Size
Square Area
Stand Up Buffet Theatre Seating Rec Tables Round Tables Plain
Silk Lined
4.5 x 4.5 225' 35 40 24 n/a $140 n/a
4.5 x 6.4 315' 60 50 30 n/a $165 n/a
6.1 x 6.1 400' 80 65 45 36 $205 $365
6.1 x 9.8 649' 130 95 65 50 $270 $545
6.1 x 13.4 880' 160 130 90 75 $350 $715
6.1 x 17.0 1120' 200 180 110 95 $450 $915
6.1 x 20.7 1300' 230 200 120 105 $575 $1125
9.1 x 9.1 900' 180 150 90 75 $395 $745
9.1 x 15.2 1500' 370 190 135 115 $695 $1300
9.1 x 21.3 2100' 470 350 200 160 $1090 $1915

Price of silk lined Marquee includes white no need to add 15% to the price.

All lawn Marquee to go on lawn, not suitable for hard surfaces.


SIDE WALLS: These are standard walls included in the price of the marquee. 3 sides supplied. Special Sidewalls are available: Arched Window $35 per 6m

EXTRA CHARGES: Prices quoted above are for marquees erected on grass. Extra labour charges will apply for difficult areas. "CARTAGE CHARGE" NOT included in cost of marquee.

Baro Party Hire DOES NOT recommend the practice of joining a marquee to a marquee, a marquee to an awning or to another building.

Tables and Chairs

Stacking chairs $1.10
White Chairs $2.20
Kids Chairs $0.70
Chair Covers available P.O.A.
Kids Tables Seats 8-10 $8.00
1.8m Rectangle Table $8.00
2.4m Rectangle table $10.00
1.2m Round Table Seats 6 $9.90
1.5m Round Table Seats 8 $13.00
1.8m Round Table Seats 10 $15.00
Cake Table 90cm round $8.00


108" x 54" Suits 1.8m & 2.4m long tables $10.00
70" x 70" Suits 4' Round Table $9.00
90 'x 90" suits 5' & 6' Round Table $11.50
Linen Serviettes $1.65
Bridal Flounces 20' - 6 mt $45.00
Cake Table Flounce $25.00

Bridal Arches

White (Self Decorate) not available $20.00
Red Carpet Runner 6 mt x 1.2mt $70.00

BBQs and Roasters, Mobile Coolroom

B.B.Q. 3' x 2' (Gas Incl.) $60.00
Roaster (Gas Incl.) (Small) $75.00
Roaster (Gas Incl.) (Large) $100
Mobile coolroom POA

Lighting, Juke Boxes, PA system

Festoon Lights - 30' Long 10 Globes $15.00
Floodlights 500 Watts $8.80
Floodlights for Marquees (Erect.)  $35.00 
Extension Leads $5.50
Bubble Machine (Liquid Extra) $35.00
Disco Lights From $25.00
Mirror Ball & Spot Light $35.00
Fog Machine $40.00
JUKE BOXES-KARAOKE & Fashing Lights From $280.00
P.A system $75.00

Portable Toilets

Poprtable Toilets (Flush Type) p.o.a

Flooring, Stages

FLOORING (Including Dance & Marquee) (Erected on level ground) (Plywood)
Dance floor 12' X 12' assembled and dismantled $112.00
Dance floor 12' X 16' assembled and dismantled $150.00
Dance floor 16' X 16' assembled and dismantled $200.00
Dance floor 20' X 20' assembled and dismantled $315.00
Dance floor 20' X 24' assembled and dismantled $375.00
Dance floor 20' X 32' assembled and dismantled $500.00
(All prices quoted are for level ground) - PRICES FOR LARGER SIZES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
STAGES (Erected on level ground)
Stage 8' x 4' $120
Stage 8 'x 8' $240
Stage 8 'x 12' $300
Stage 8' x 16' $480
Larger Size Stages available P.O.A
(All prices quoted are for level ground) - PRICES FOR LARGER SIZES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST


Bistro Heaters - Outdoor cjw Gas $80.00
Hot Water Urns 20L $25.00
Hot Water Urns 30L $35.00
PIE OVENS - Small $25.00
PIE OVENS - Large $45.00
Bain Marie 6 tray (wet) $45.00
Ice Tubs (Approx. 50 Cans) $3.30
Gas Ovens cjw gas $135.00
Chafing Dish $35.00
S/S Platters $4.40
Umbrella Large Market and stand $60.00


Mixed Drink 7 oz. $0.55
Beer Glass 10 oz. $0.55
Wine Glass $0.55
Champagne Flutes $0.55
Wine Carafes $1.50
Beer Jugs $1.50
Punch Bowls $7.50
Salt and Pepper Shakers $1.50

China and Cutlery

Dinner Plates 9" $0.55
Entree Plates 8" $0.55
B & B Plates 7" $0.55
Soup Bowls 7" $0.55
Dessert Bowls 7" $0.55
Cup & Saucers $0.75
Sugar Bowl $1.50
Milk Jug $1.50
Knives $0.35
Forks $0.35
Desert Spoons $0.35
Soup Spoons $0.35
Teaspoons $0.35
Service Tongs $0.90

Terms and Conditions of Hire

A.Care, protection and return of property. You are reminded that on receipt of hired equipment, the responsibility for these items is yours. If theft occurs while the items are in your care and control you have an obligation for replacement, either through a cash settlement or a claim on your own insurance. When goods are not returned in part or in full the hire of such equipment will continue until the replacement cost is paid.

B.Cartage and Labour Fees Where goods are to be delivered by the Company our standard cartage fee is for delivery to your front door or garage;carport. If goods are required to be carried past these points an additional delivery fee may apply.

C.Bond Cash deposits are required on all crockery, cutlery & glassware products. Cleaning fee deposits are required on BBQ's, Spit & Gas Roaster. Bonds will be refunded when all goods have been checked either by the driver or yard staff. A charge will be made for goods which are lost, or returned damage and or unwashed.

D.It will be necessary for you to arrange payment prior to the hiring date, or upon delivery, unless you have an account with us.

E.Underground Utilities. Our experienced Customer Service Team will need your help to avoid underground pipes, facilities or other obstacles e.g. Rock or sandstone. Bargo Party Hire is not liable for any damage to underground utilities.

WEEKEND WORK: When a function is to occur on a weekend ,we normally delivery Thursday-Friday and pick-up Monday-Tuesday. However, if we elect to pick-up on a Saturday or Sunday we may do so, but at our expense. If you require the work to be done on a weekend there will be an additional labour charge. Return of equipment will not be accepted outside of trading hours.

Effective from 1st September, 2013


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